Aureate Solutions, LLC is a collaborative, education-based program development consulting firm. 

From strategy to implementation, we specialize in bringing ideas to life and finding ways to add efficiency, style, value, and longevity to any process that helps to meet your project's objectives.

About Us

Aureate Solutions, LLC was first created to offer thoughtful and proactive support to individuals, families, schools, or organizations charged with providing high school students with equitable access to post-secondary educational opportunities. We recognized the current challenges that face many students as trends in higher education matriculation continue to shift. We've taken the time to curate processes that reflect 'best practices' in the industry and assist in helping them to navigate their way. As students approach their educational pursuits in new and innovative ways, so should any organization or individual attempting to serve them.

With over 12 years of undergraduate enrollment, higher education administration, and federal grant management experience, Aureate Solutions, LLC's growing mission is to help fill the education gap that exists for underrepresented students, but also for organizations and institutions that are lacking in personnel and/or funding for counseling services, community outreach, college readiness technology or grant management. 

Aureate Solutions, LLC's founder & CEO, Janeale Gottlieb-George has assisted hundreds of students and partnered with dozens of schools to scale and prioritize their needs into attainable SMART goals for success. Janeale has also served on the board of directors for several nonprofit organizations in Washington DC. With this range of experience in mind, we are also able to meet a unique variety of needs that include graphic and web design services, social media planning, acquirement of grant funding and much more!

Let us add our golden touch to your education or business strategies. Free consultations are available upon request.


Grant Research, Writing & Management Assistance

Market Research

Template Creation

Proposal Development

Budget & Narrative Writing

Annual Reporting Prep

Graphic & Website Design Services 

Event Flyers

Business Plans/Proposal Templates

Website/Landing Page Design (Squarespace, WordPress, & Google Sites)

College & Career Readiness Curriculum Development

College Admission Search & Fit

Application Process Management

Scholarship Search

Financial Aid Planning

 Workflow Assessment & Setup

Online Payments

Online Applications & Forms

Website Needs

Standard Operating Procedures

Speaking Engagements

College Readiness

Career Planning

Grant Management

Young Professional Networking

..and much more

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